Fishergate Primary School (10:30am. 2-3 Years)

June 8, 2019 - July 20, 2019
10:30 am | 40 mins


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If this is your first time booking with us, you will need to add a Starter Kit to your basket as well.  Please note : You do not have to buy this now – you can decide after half a term – but it is great.  Just “skip” this part if you do not want to purchase just yet and just book into the half term of your choice.

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Fishergate Primary School, Escrick St, York YO10 4AP

A lovely venue within the primary school itself. Please use the lift (not the stairs) to get up to the second floor, where Footballtots is located.

PARKING : is available at the bottom of Escrick Street, which is to the left of the school.  This is free. All spaces here are available.

If you have not been before, leave enough time to find the car park. Don’t worry, it is nice and easy once you know where you are going!


Bear with us. Our website is just being newly constructed and will be easy to use soon. In the meantime, here is the info to help you.

Half Term: £45.50 (£6.50 weekly) 

Sessions are in half term blocks. PLEASE NOTE: Individual weeks cannot be booked.

Membership: £22.99

All Footballtots have to be a member, which includes a mandatory purchase of the Footballtots kit and sticker books. Children love being part of a team and often wear their kit all the time – including to bed!

However – you have up to half a term to consider this or you can order straight away.


If you have never been and want to do a taster session – email us. We are happy to let you come to one session before booking on fully.


That’s fine. Just book online and you will be eligible for the remaining sessions.

HOW TO BOOK: You can book online NOW. This is through paypal – but you have the option to pay by your usual card too. You do not need a paypal account.

Once you have booked on, we will email you a form for some summary details of your booking.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Footballtots is all about enjoyment, building confidence and building on skills. We have a structured and fun approach, which will involve ball work, balancing and coordination, kicking over skittles and developing over time.

It’s a great way to bond with your child and for them to grow in confidence too.

OUR COACHES… Are chosen because they are FUN, friendly and engaging!

You will soon get to know your Footballtots coach.

ANY QUESTIONS: Please do email us and we will be happy to help you.